Sunday, 31 January 2010

Seen and heard January 2010

New Year's Day concert from Vienna (shown live on BBC TV)
"Kindlemania could suffer from bite of the Apple", John Naughton Observer column - including reflections on how new information technologies don't necessarily displace old ones but usually co-exist alongside them (as when email led to increase in paper consumption).
"The Secret Life of the Dog" (Horizon programme on BBC TV, on experimental investigation of social and cognitive kinship of humans and dogs)
"The E-nigma decoder: A teacher’s guide to intercepting enemy communication" (blog post on - revealing list of online kidspeak abbreviations)
"Delia through the Decades" (BBC series)
"The British Family" (BBC series)
"Up in the Air" (new film, black romantic comedy, with George Clooney - on how technology can be used to keep relationships from becoming compassionate and intimate, for those who prefer them that way)

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