Sunday, 22 January 2012

Seen and heard: December 2011

Henry V, production by Propellor Theatre Company at Milton Keynes Theatre
The Ides of March, new film about US election politics, with George Clooney
"Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook", BBC TV documentary, in The Money Programme series
Rev, BBC TV comedy series, with Tom Hollander
Accidental Empires, book about the early history of the personal computer industry, by Robert X Cringely (1992 revised 1996)
The Colours of Christmas,  new CD with cracking performances of Christmas music, by John Rutter
Midnight Mass at Turvey Abbey, actually held at 7:30 in deference to the stamina of older members of the order
Meet Your Brain, The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, by Bruce Hood
The Book of Unwritten Tales, wonderful new point-and-click adventure game

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