Monday, 16 July 2012

Seen and heard: May 2012

Debussy's Danse Sacrée et Danse Profane, at a concert by the Milton Keynes City Orchestra - also on the programme Britten's Simple Symphony and Vaughan Williams' Dives and Lazarus, and three short pieces by pupils at The Purcell School, following a week-long project with the Orchestra.
The Night Shift, by Sarah Waters
West Wing spoof - starring several members of the original case, in a public service film to promote walking (though talking while you walk, as the West Wing people characteristically do, is strictly optional)
The King and the Playwright - BBC TV series presenting Shakespeare as a Jacobean rather than an Elizabethan author, showing how his later plays reflected the religio-politics and social concerns of the reign of James I / VI.
War and Peace - the Russian version, directed by and starring Sergey Bondarchuk, with the Red Army as extras in the battle scenes.
Bette and Joan, starring Anita Dobson as Joan Crawford, Gretta Scacci as Bette Davies, in a two-hander exploring the friction between the two stars during their filming of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.
Episodes, series 2 - not as good as the first series (now that there's no obvious sense of direction) but still very funny.
Cloven tongues - Rowan Williams sermon on the theology of biblical translation, given last year during the commemoration of the King James Bible.

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