Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Seen and heard: July 2012

The Stone Book Quartet, by Alan Garner - a tribute to language, landscape, and local culture.
Mohamad at Eton, 30 min film in Al Jazeera (English)’s Witness series, following a boy from a refugee camp in south Lebanon to Eton on a Horizon Foundation Scholarship.
Heart v. Mind: What Makes Us Human? - Moving and engaging BBC documentary by David Malone on contemporary heart research, showing how the organ is involved in a person's emotional life and much more than a mechanical pump: it actually has its own "little brain".
The Fear Index - latest novel by Robert Harris, clever and gripping and (like The Ghost) very much of the moment. Read it while it's hot.
The Passadena Roof Orchestra - playing at The Stables; 1920s swing, reliably good fun.
Allegri StringQuartet - performing as part of the Cambridge Summer Music Festival. (They never used to be this young, surely?)
The Juice of the Pomegranate - programme of choral music (mainly Renaissance / Baroque) inspired by the Song of Songs, sung by vocal group Exaudi as part of the Cambridge Summer Music Festival.
Olympic opening ceremony - started watching out of curiosity but stayed to the end, moved by the jubiliation of the athletes, many of whom were just pleased to be there and never mind the medals
The Incredibles - one of the greatest of the Pixar animations, having a welcome big-screen presentation at the Leicester Phoenix.

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